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Five Insurance Tips for Millennials

    Millennials find themselves in the stage of life that may require them to purchase their own insurance. After having aged out of their parent’s insurance coverage and buying or renting a place to live, coverage needs may not be as black and white as one might think. Knowing these five tips will help […]

Tip 5, The Singles Mom’s Guide to Health Insurance

Beware anything that looks too good to be true!   Yes, your parents were actually right on this one. Insurance is just math. If it’s cheaper, there is a reason. I have found that most of the time those reasons look like limits on care. For example, many “cheaper” policies limit cancer coverage to $500,000. […]

Tip 4, Single Mom’s Guide to Health Insurance

Know your max liability   So many times, people get hung up on getting a lower deductible and having copays for something to be considered a “good” plan. However, most Americans miss the absolute most important thing in their health insurance documents: The Out-of-Pocket Maximum. This is the most you would pay in one calendar […]

Improve Your Employees’ Health

We are excited to offer  Engage Wellness to enhance health insurance plans you are already offering.   Engage Wellness is a great way for businesses with group health plans to save money through tax savings while gaining healthier employees through benefits like:   Direct Primary Care Telemedicine Care Management Supplemental Benefits Personal Health Dashboard Employee […]

Reflections on Ark Insurance 10 Year Anniversary

I quit my job in the fall of 2009. The next week my daughter and I contracted H1N1. I spent the first actual week of ‘self-employment’ (it was unemployment at that point, let’s be honest!) in quarantine for a pandemic in the middle of the worst recession our country had ever seen. Sound familiar? I […]

Did you lose your job? Don’t lose your health insurance.

If you lose your job you need to act fast to get the insurance figured out. There are multiple options for people who have recently lost insurance, but you only have 60 days to enroll through the federal exchange. COBRA may not be the only option and you may even qualify for Medicaid. Let us […]

Special Enrollment Period (SEP)

If you missed the Open Enrollment period and have had a “life” event, read on. Did you know that certain life changes may qualify you to enroll in health insurance coverage outside of the standard enrollment period? Did you or anyone in your household lose qualifying health coverage in the last 60 days? If so, […]