Employee microchipping, invasion of privacy or just efficient?

Similar to microchipping your pets, you may have heard that a company in Wisconsin is offering microchip implants to their employees. The majority of their employees have already agreed to inject the implant into their finger, exchanging convenience for privacy.

The implants are programmed to allow accesses to certain company functions, like entrance into secure company offices and IT networks. The RFID microchips communicate using electromagnetic fields and can be read at a distance of six inches.

Privacy advocates are concerned that this procedure is yet another way to intrude on our privacy. Smart phones have already stripped us of some privacies, apps can now collect data from your phone and broadcast your information. Do you find it unsettling when your phone knows exactly where you are, or Google knows your interest based on your search history?

Arguments against microchipping humans, are vast. What may originate as a matter of convenience can turn into monitoring a person’s habits on an entirely different level. They may even evolve to monitor productivity or lifestyle habits.

What say you?