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Medicaid Waiver Amendments Passed in Utah Senate

Recently, the Utah Senate voted in favor of SB  0172, authorizing some changes and waivers to Medicaid requirements.

These changes would allow the Utah Department of Health to:

Ask for federal funds or block grants for Medicaid recipients without certain restrictions on how they use the money.

Second, if the block grant is denied, the bill would allow the health department to do three things:

  1. Require able-bodied Medicaid enrollees to have a job or be working toward a job
  2. Create an HSA option for Medicaid enrollees
  3. Enable Medicaid enrollees flexibility in paying for health care

The goal is allow able-bodied people on Medicaid to live more dignified and and give them the tools to to assist them in no longer needing to rely on the program.


Source: Sutherland Institute