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In 2010, Rebecca Yates launched Ark Insurance Solutions, LLC based on her desire to focus not solely on the dollar, but to put individuals and clients first. It is this founding principle that has helped make Ark Insurance Solutions LLC the most trusted resource for affordable health insurance in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah area.

As an independent broker, Ark works with a number of the nation’s top health and life insurance companies to find the best policies to protect your family and finances in times of trouble. As the company has grown, we’ve built a dedicated team of experts in each niche in the health insurance industry. We can help you compare health plans to make the best decision based on your unique circumstances and budget.

At Ark, we love our community and believe in fully immersing ourselves in the causes, people, and places that we care deeply about. We invest time in our team, fellow business owners, and our clients to create lasting relationships and a true sense of community.

We can help you navigate the complex world of health insurance. Give us a call or request a health insurance quote now.

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Our Team

Rebecca Yates, CEO

Rebecca Yates is a published author, licensed insurance broker, consultant and owner of Ark Insurance Solutions, LLC. She has been working in the health insurance industry since 2004. Before starting Ark in 2010, Rebecca worked for a diverse range of fields including insurance, aerospace, emergency medical suppliers, and information technology. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Westminster College and was recently released from serving on their Alumni Board. She recently also served as the Vice President of the Utah Independent Business Coalition, formerly Vest Pocket, and volunteers with Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Westminster College as a mentor. She has been active in a working group for Healthcare.gov since 2017.

Rebecca is very passionate about providing appropriate insurance coverage to her clients, taking the time to learn their needs, and design unique programs. Her varied background and experience with both large partially self-funded groups, small fully insured groups, and individuals/families brings a unique perspective to all of her endeavors. As the health insurance industry is always changing, she consistently takes the time to learn the changes and ensure that all of her clients are kept up to date. She also speaks on issues such as Health Care Reform, health insurance partial self funding, ERISA 101, and health insurance basics.

She loves to read, improve her home, start other businesses, and travel. She has a beautiful family and enjoys spending time with her two daughters.

License #: 221293 Consulting License #: 434158

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MaryAnn Singleton, Service Director

MaryAnn’s career began in data entry when computer screens where black and green. In order to create a more valuable skill set, she went to the “back-to-work program” offered through SL Community College. Her ability to listen, learn, and identify her customers, created many opportunities where she continually moved up the career ladder. From receptionist to HR Director. MaryAnn joined the Ark Team in 2012 as a personal assistant to Rebecca Yates. Five years later, MaryAnn is the cornerstone of the Health’s Division small group customer service. In addition, MaryAnn is teaching a course for her grandchildren, Life-skills 101. Teaching the value of a good attitude, being positive, managing emotions, reading analog clocks, telephone usage, and most importantly, tying shoes.

License #: 800233

Direct: 801-901-7805
Fax: 801-305-4947
E-mail: maryann@ark-ins.com

Lexie Polatis, Sales Director

Lexie is Sales Director as well as a licensed insurance agent. She has been working in the industry since 2016 and has no plans of leaving! Her main goal is to help as many people as possible to ensure they are given the healthcare they deserve. Lexie loves to spend time with her family, travel, cook, and listen to podcasts.

License #: 808527

Direct: 801-901-7810
E-mail: lexie@ark-ins.com

Brittany Benson, Service Associate

Brittany may be new to the world of Health Insurance, but she is an old hand at customer service and is excited to help you navigate the ins and outs of insurance. When not studying for her license, Brittany enjoys adventures of all kinds. Her most recent adventures include the Alpine Loop, Brandon Sanderson’s Warbreaker, and the Netflix original Enola Holmes.

License #: 808054

Direct: 801-901-7800
E-mail: brittany@ark-ins.com

Colleen Orton, Agent

Colleen has a unique and diverse background in Health, Fitness, and Safety Programming. She received her BS from Weber State University and her MS from the University of Utah, both in Health Education. During school and while running her own consulting business, she has gained an appreciation for the complexities of the U.S. Healthcare and Insurance Industries, and how challenging navigating them can be for people. It is Colleen’s goal to work with individuals to connect them to resources, tools, and information that empower them to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. In her free time, she enjoys all things outdoors, spending time with her husband and their two doggos, Max and Coopa.

License # 762595

Direct: 385-308-0956
E-mail: colleen@ark-ins.com
Deb Nelson

Deb Nelson, Consulting Agent

Deb is certified with all the carriers on all the MAPD plans and many of the Medigap plan options. She has been working with Medicare since 2009. Deb is attending school at Western Governors University studying the healthcare management program and she also teaches classes on pre-licensing for agents. Deb has four grown children and Asian food is her favorite cuisine.

License #: 240605   Consulting License #: 619170

Direct: 801-901-7802
Fax: 801-305-4947
E-mail: deb@ark-ins.com

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Hans Heath, CFEd(r), Consulting Agent

Hans is a Certified Financial Educator (r), a licensed insurance broker, and an enthusiastic connoisseur of bad jokes. They specialize in life, disability, and long-term care insurance, and will happily nerd out over the complexities of these products so you don’t have to. They take a people-first approach to providing coverage, and aim to provide solutions that enhance the life story you are creating. Hans has a degree from the University of Utah where they studied music composition, which is a passion of theirs to this day. When Hans isn’t thinking about music or insurance, they spend their time on long hikes in the mountains, LGBTQ+ advocacy efforts, and cultivating mushrooms in their basement. (They’re culinary, we promise!)

License #: 552783 Consulting License #: 795306

Direct: 385-308-0952
Fax: 801-305-4947
E-mail: hans@ark-ins.com

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Vilia Van Tonder, Agent

Imagine a world where you are able to grow your business, because you actually know your numbers. Imagine that you have a partner in your financial growth and not just someone handing over your profit and loss statements like a receipt. Imagine a lightbulb going off as you understand where you can create more revenue in your business with less expense. Then, imagine adding chocolate.

Vilia Van Tonder has been helping small businesses with their accounting and finances for 25 years. When she isn’t crunching numbers, she is creating out-of-this-world chocolates! She grew up in South Africa and France, and her passion for food came from her maternal grandfather & father.

Because of her love for finances and food, she calls her company The Financial Pantry, but it gets even better. She has helped launch several non-profits such as 100 Humanitarians International, Empowering the One, Arise International, and Every Teen Seen in an effort to help grassroots organizations and passion projects of entrepreneurs.

License #809900

Direct: 385-325-7333
E-mail: vilia@ark-ins.com