Always the Journey with Jason Woodland and Rebecca Yates


Jason Woodland interviews CEO Rebecca Yates discussing what she does for Ark Insurance Solutions clients as well as her contributions in the health insurance industry on a national scale.


Listen in here:


From Jason Woodland:

Welcome to interview #45 of Always the Journey TV with Rebecca Yates, CEO of Ark Insurance, LLC. In this interview, we’ll learn more about what inspired Rebecca to join the health insurance industry and what she does to help her clients.

Rebecca is very passionate about providing appropriate insurance coverage to her clients, taking the time to learn their needs, and design unique programs. Her varied background and experience with both large partially self-funded groups, small fully insured groups, and individuals/families bring a unique perspective to all of her endeavors.


As the health insurance industry is always changing, she consistently takes the time to learn the changes and ensure that all of her clients are kept up to date. She also speaks on issues such as Health Care Reform, health insurance partial self-funding, ERISA 101, and health insurance basics. She loves to read, improve her home, start businesses, and travel. She has two daughters and two very naughty puppies that she adores.