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Try a Fake Commute For Your Mental Health

Free workouts at home

Free Ways to Workout this Year

Free workouts at home

Although we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, and many are working from home or quarantines are keeping you away from the gym, there are several ways you can get that daily workout in for FREE.

Working out is not only good for the body; it is excellent for the mind. We must do our best to keep our spirits up and our bodies healthy during these trying times.

Here are a few ideas:

Walking/Running-it may seem obvious, but walking and/or running just 30 minutes a day can lower your risk for heart disease, burn calories, and elevate your mood. Additional good news, you don’t need any special gear or equipment to do it. A good pair of comfortable shoes will do the trick for walkers and a decent pair of running shoes for runners. Getting outside is literally a breath of fresh air, which we all need, especially mask-free if possible.

Meditation-with so many apps and even podcasts available on meditation, even the novice can practice this mindful technique. In just 10 minutes, you can clear your mind, soothe the soul, and reduce stress. There are also many videos on YouTube for free that you can access on your devices.

YouTube fitness classes– YouTube has an array of videos offering free workouts. From kickboxing to HIIT training and yoga, there really is something for everyone. Subscribe to your favorites and get a new workout each day.


New year, new goals? There has never been a better time to get moving within your own space or in the great outdoors while social distancing.

Huntsman Mental Health Institute Coming to University of Utah


The University of Utah President Ruth Watkins, announced on November 4, 2019  the Hunstman family has pledged $150 million to establish a mental health institute at the University of Utah.


“Suicide is increasing as a cause of death,” said Michael Good, University of Utah senior vice president for health services, CEO of University of Utah Health, and Dean of the University of Utah School of Medicine. “There just aren’t enough mental health professionals. We need to do better. This generous gift from the Huntsman family will allow us to support enhanced training for mental health professionals. It will allow us to reimagine care teams and how to better deliver mental health services across our state and across our region.” (ksltv.com)


The grant agreement also states the university will work with the Huntsman family to raise additional funds to increase community awareness in regards to mental health issues and will also provide financial support to the University Neuropsychiatric Institute (UNI) and to support mental health screenings to the 32,000 students including in rural areas.