What does Travel Insurance Cover?

Travelers insurance covers medical emergencies outside of your service area. When you travel, most plans say they will cover medical emergencies, but they may leave you open to balance billing, conversion problems, and difficulty with approvals of procedures.  Having secondary Travel Medical Insurance will ensure you are covered no matter where you are.

These plans are great options for international leisure, missionary, school or business travel. Plan options include a choice of :

  1. Varying medical limits and deductibles.
  2. Trips up to 6 months for ages 84 or younger.
  3. Covers pre-existing conditions for medical services and medical evacuation.

Another advantage of travel insurance is the peace of mind of having 24/7 assistance. This can really be useful if you need help finding accommodations nearby, or to replace prescriptions in an emergency. This can include translation, medical transport, and some plans even include child care!