Health Insurance Guide For The Self-Employed

Rebecca YatesBy Rebecca Yates

Chapter 8: Know your plan

Know your plan

Most plans have benefits inside of them that the average consumer does not know exist. For example, in our local market we have a carrier that will pay you $20 a month if you hit 8,000 steps a day. $240 a year per person over the age of 18, and all you have to do is walk? Sign me up!! Plan benefits often include Lasik discount, vision exams, even dental exams. One of my favorites though is the telehealth benefit. Many of the plans now offer the ability to do a virtual call with a Dr. who can prescribe meds over an app in your phone, and they charge WAY less to do it. So, let me get this straight, I don’t have to get dressed. I don’t have to dress my kids and haul them to the swarming germ fest that all Dr. waiting rooms are AND It’s going to cost me less time and MONEY! SIGN ME UP!! Some plans even include extra benefits for international travel.

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