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Budgeting for Home Repairs

  Homebuyers know there are a lot of expenses that come along with home ownership. They plan for things like a monthly mortgage, homeowners and insurance and property taxes. However, homeowners should also plan a budget for home repairs, as they always seem to come up when you least expect it.   Older Homes- older […]

Do I need flood insurance?

Flood insurance is actually mandated by the federal government if you live in a high-risk flood zone. In high-risk areas, you risk of having a flood situation during a 30-year mortgage time frame is calculated at a 1 in 4 chance. Unfortunately, consumers who actually do not live in the designated high-risk areas file more […]

Why buy earthquake insurance?

  There are many factors when considering whether or not to purchase earthquake insurance on your home. Do you live on or near a fault line? Is your home on sandy soil or bedrock? What materials were used in the construction of your home and the quality? Earthquake coverage is not included in a typical […]

Will I be fined for not having health insurance?

  The Affordable Health Care Act is now in full effect. What this means is that all Americans that are within a certain income level are required to have health insurance.   Recent data shows that most individuals get their health insurance through their employers. The remaining consumers are either covered by private insurance or […]

Why Rental Insurance is Important

Even if you are not purchasing the home, or apartment, you are living in, you should still consider insuring your valuables, and odds are, you have more than you might think. Things like jewelry seem like an obvious choice that would warrant protection, but for a very affordable price, you can get coverage for those […]

Is the Affordable Care Act working?

  Currently,18 million more people are enrolled in health insurance coverage than there were in 2013, indicating that the Affordable Care Act is working to solve the problem of the uninsured. However, there are still 9.1 percent of Americans that do not have coverage, which speaks to what is not working well and the unlikelihood […]